We here at the Law Office of Jim Zadeh have represented victims of sexual harassment for over 15 years.  One of the issues that arises is when the people come and see us they are hurting, they have gone through the stress of being sexually harassed, and they want to know what they can do about it.  What we find is that the victims don’t even understand what this has done to them.  I cannot tell you the number of initial meetings that I had with potential clients in which I’ve asked them if they have seen a doctor recently for some sort of unexplained gastrointestinal issue or some sort of unexplained heart palpitations.  Many of them respond with, “yes I have”, and they actually have medical record to show that they have seen a doctor.  However, in most cases they didn’t tell their doctor about the sexual harassment, because they just didn't know why it's been happening. What happens is the underlying stress of going through the harassment that you don't even realize that you're internalizing and the impact it's having on you physically that's how it manifests itself, it manifests itself through this gastrointestinal problem, heart palpitations, or migraine headaches.  What we do is to ask you to continue any treatment for those physical elements, but we also think you should get treatment for the mental signs.  You need to see a psychologist or psychiatrist in order to get the underlying root of what is causing stress, and hopefully they can help through those issues.  It's not a quick fix it, but a lot of times that will work and help get you through it.  The question is who's going to pay for it, hopefully you have some sort of medical insurance that will cover it.  Unfortunately, there are times that you may have to pay a little bit of that money, but in the end, we will be seeking from the harasser and the employer that they reimburse those medical expenses. In the end we just really want you to be well and get out of that toxic environment that you are in.


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