Here at the Law Office of Jim Zadeh we have represented victims of sexual harassment for over 15 years.  One of the common questions asked is, “should I call the police, and when should I call the police.”  If you're in the workplace and sexual harassment has occurred, and it rises to the level of physical touching, then we always recommend that you report that to your employer.  If it rises to the level of touching where it could be considered assault or battery, then your employer should call the police, and you should ask your employer to call the police.  If your employer refuses and you feel like you've been assaulted or that you are a victim of battery, then we do recommend that you call the police and get them involved.  It's a serious step that shouldn't be taken lightly, but if you have been victimized then the police are there to protect you in those instances.  Hopefully your employer will do the right thing and take control of the situation, but if not then you can take into your own hands.  If you are a victim of sexual harassment and would like to know your rights, then call me today for your free confidential consultation.

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