Here at the Law Office of Jim Zadeh we have represented victims of sexual harassment for more than 15 years, and we see some common patterns and situations in these cases.  One of the patterns that we often see is when the sexual harasser slowly but surely increases the sexual harassment, because they realize that the victim is not reporting it and is not defending themselves.  The harassment increases and the victim starts to feel more helpless, but every once in a while, the victim will lash out either verbally or lash out with some sort of physical confrontation, and now the victim will think that they have lost their rights. They think they have lost their rights because they yelled at the harasser or have actually been physical with the harasser by pushing them, but in fact you have not lost your rights.  This behavior is a common reaction for a person feeling helpless, this is a common reaction for a person being sexually harassed.  If you are being harassed and you lash out, then know that you can still pursue your rights, so don’t feel like it's hopeless.  Call me today for your free and confidential consultation, and I can help you pursue your claim, even if you resorted to some sort of verbal or physical confrontation.

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